February 25, 2021

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A2 Hosting: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you have ever wondered what runs the internet, then you would have realized that the answer is not that simple. No, it’s not Google nor is it Apple and on top of all of it, it definitely isn’t Microsoft. So, what exactly runs the internet? Its web hosts. They are the ones running the show, simply because they own the theatre where the show plays.

Web hosts are companies that run servers that host your websites and the internet is nothing but a community of websites that run all the time. So, this is where the internet comes from and A2 is one of the companies that run your servers.

Established in 2003, the company built on its mantra of providing the fastest speeds possible and is one of the few independent companies that still operate in this market. The Webhosting industry eats the incompetent players alive, either swallowing it altogether or making way for bigger fish to make it their own and most of the companies have fallen prey to this. They either shut shop or joined bigger corporations to meet their demands.

That should tell you a lot about A2, really. Surviving in a highly competitive field such as this requires some guts and much more than that, it requires a good product. So, what are the good, bad and ugly things about A2’s hosting?

The Good

If you take a look at their webpage, you will see that their biggest selling point is the speed. They have it written in bold letters, “up to 20X faster speeds.”

While I am not exactly sure whether they deliver on that promise since it is an add on (which there are tons of as you will see later on), I can tell you this with absolute confidence that the speed in itself is quite something. The servers are owned and operated by A2 and the speed never becomes a problem for you, even when your site is bombarded with traffic.

Speaking of servers, A2 has them positioned all around the world. They have data centers in the US, Amsterdam, and Singapore and this makes a lot of difference for those who are living there. You get way better speeds if the servers are closer to you.

Now we get to the part where it matters the most, support access. Yes, you might be thinking I am off my wankers, but hear me out a bit.

 This is a very technical industry and if you are not technically proficient like me, you will face a lot of difficulties. The backend will look straight out of a hacking movie and if anything goes south, you really have no clue what you have to do to get shit back to normal. Good customer support though can solve that issue.

You get the usual 24/7 customer support and the multiple channels that go with it. What impressed me, however, was the hands-on approach of the customer service reps. They tend to solve the issue themselves rather than walk you through it. This leaves a distinct impression on you.

The Bad

Let’s get to the bad stuff. My life is really speaking about the bad stuff simply because there isn’t much. You will notice that I am yet to speak about the pricing and no, I haven’t forgotten. The prices are not exactly the lowest.

It is actually quite expensive. You usually get steep discounts, very much like other services but even after factoring them in, the prices don’t seem very low.

Simply Ugly

I know I am not being coherent with the article, but the ugly part of A2 is simply ugly. The only issue that can end up as a deal-breaker in A2 are upsells. They are everywhere and simply ugly. From the point you sign up for their service to the point of renewal, it’s upselling after upsell. You reach a point where you go, enough of it already. Most of them are useless and simply hinder whatever you are doing.

Other than that, A2 is among the best web hosts I have ever used. Slight disclosure before I go, I am not getting paid by A2 and the reviews are compiled with the customer’s point of view in mind.