February 27, 2021

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Hostgator Review 2021: Amazing Performance, Staggering Complexity

Hostgator has made quite a name for itself. Whether it is the performance they deliver or the features they offer, they stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business with simply the services they offer and nothing else.

   There are some of the best web hosting platforms across the globe. But one interesting company, which has been in this industry for long is HostGator. What makes them the pioneers in this department? We will be discussing the plans and prices of the hosting plans. All you need to do is stay with us till the end as you can decide which hosting is suitable for your requirements. 

They are doing an excellent job with the technical team but at the same being responsible for their actions. The support team works round the clock to make sure that the issues are solved within no time. The company promises that issues are solved with 24 hours. 

After using their service for more than 2 years, I think this review is a long time coming. I don’t know what made me go for it, but I think it was about time I reviewed a service that I had no qualms in using and that is quite a rarity for me.

If you are new to this whole business of hosting then let me first explain how this works. Hosting services are like landowners but on the internet. It is usually tough for you to own a server on your own to operate a website and that’s where they come in and there are few in this business that comes as good as Hostgator.

So, what makes them so good? A lot of things actually, but before we go there however, there are a few things you need to know.

 Traditionally, there are two kinds of web hosts. First, there are the ones that draw you in with cheap prices and that is their USP. Second, there are those like Siteground, who draws you in with performance rather than the prices they offer. Of those two, Hostgator belongs to the latter, but with a bit of compromise on both sides.

This harmony between pricing and performance is what makes Hostgator unique and something of an abnormality in this industry.

If you have seen their website you can tell straight away that performance is what they offer and the claims don’t let you down. I have used a lot of hosts for a lot of websites but few can match the consistency of the uptime Hostgator offers

As I said already, I have used their services for more than two years now and I am yet to be dissatisfied by the uptime or the speeds they offer. It is nothing short of amazing. I check the uptime consistently and I am yet to see it dip below 99.97%. While you might think it still may be lacking, there are only a handful of competitors who can boast of the same.

Plans & Feartures

Cloud Hosting

 I might say Cloud Hosting is higher than Shared website hosting. In shared web hosting, it is really difficult to take the backup but then it is quite cheap when you compare it with the cloud hosting. There are times you have to take the backup and at those times, cloud hosting might be very helpful as the data is store on the cloud, retrieving the same might not take much time but pricing is a little high when you compare with the other two. 

  • Cloud hosting is 2x quicker than shared web hosting. 
  • The website’s load time is likewise quicker as it has dedicated servers, which fits stable and seamless. 
  • Comes with secure IP deny manager.
  • Unlimited FTP, MySQL database and loose SSL supplied for higher security.


  • Hatchling Plan – $4.45/month: It is actually recommended for a single blog.
  • Baby Plan – $6.95/month: Does really well with the multiple blogs.
  • Business Plan – $12.95/month: 

Shared web hosting 

In shared web hosting, they’ve 3 editions- Business, Baby, and Hatchling. All these hosting plans may have in-built website builders. We don’t have to break our head even as doing this as it works on simple drag and drop principle. Along with these, you simply have to test QuickInstall tool in which you will find WordPress Blog, Gallery, and Forum. WordPress being one of the best tools for building webistes, you will get for free with his hosting. They do consist of other tools like SHS access, 99.9% uptime, and Cpanel. 


The company promises to deliver uptime, which is very much important. The support team has been absolutely brilliant as they make sure that there are no technical issues. Apart from these, they also provide unlimited bandwidth and storage. 


The page speed is the only issue with the HostGator but since the team is working on it, it might be rectified in the mere future. 

Now we get to the technical part of things and if you are technically biased like am then boy, are you going to geek out reading this.

You get a load of useful stuff and let me start with the good ones. You get unmetered for everything! Yeah, you read that right, unmetered everything. If you don’t know how big of a deal this is then let me tell you.

What you get is no limits on domain names, bandwidth and email accounts. You can have how many ever websites you want with just a single plan and account and the more websites you run the lesser the effective cost is. For instance, I run so many sites with a single account that it costs me cents and not dollars for each account, handy isn’t it?

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Next is the usual rigmarole of software options and tools. You get cPanel which runs your backend and since it is the industry standard you get tons of documentation to go along with it. This is huge upon the like of GoDaddy and some others who have propriety backends of their own.

To cap it all up. If you are just going for your first website, then Hostgator may not be the best option for you. But if you are hell-bent on seeking performance regardless of a bit of difficulty in the beginning then this is the site for you.

And one more thing, you might have open your pocket a little more than you would have to with mediocre performing sites, but that’s the price you have to pay for something this satisfying.


HostGator is one of the most stable and reliable platforms for hosting, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on your requirements, you need to choose the right plan. Thanks for reading.