March 2, 2021

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Best web host

A2 Hosting has been well known for providing industry best solutions. The success of this web host is just because of its effective and ultra-reliable results. It was founded in 2003 and has also won many rewards for its outstanding and unparalleled performance. The servers that are used by A2 host are 2o times faster than other servers which makes it the fastest ever.

A2 host has been appreciated by the customers many times for its best customer service and the customer support is available all the time to fix whatever problem arises. Dedicate hosting has been a part of A2 hosting which is done with the help of unmanaged servers, core servers and managed servers. This host helps in easily buying a domain and even transfer it.

A2 host stands its speed and the best technology that they are making use of. There are five kinds of hostings that A2 supports. They are Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting and Dedicated hosting. Under shared hosting, there are three packages available which are Lite, Swift and Turbo. Lite starts at a price of $2.94 and are best for those who are beginners.

The benefits that come along are 1 website, unlimited SSD storage, free SSL certificate and free clouflare CDN. Swift starts at a price of $4.90 and are best for those who are having 2 times greater resources. The benefits that are included in this package are unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, free migration and transfer and anytime money back guarantee.

The WordPress hosting provides the best wordpress solutions to the users. There are two categories under wordpress hosting which are Shared wordpress and Managed wordpress. It also includes PHP 7 and HTTPS protection which keeps your site secure and safe for browsing. Under VPS Hosting you have three sub categories which are Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS and Core VPS.

Due to the use of turbo servers, the VPS servers of A2 hosting are the fastest and it also helps in less time consumption. They are developer friendly and customers won’t be disappointed. Your decision to choose A2 host as your host provider is the best decision ever because of the reasons like auto setup, severs up to 20x faster, A2 optimized, free SSL and global servers.