September 24, 2021

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Knownhost Review 2020: What Makes it the Best of the Best?


KnownHost is one of the reliable web-hosting providers, as they have quite a lot of features with their web hosting plans. And the web hosting plans available with them are quite cheap. They also a money-back guarantee option. The best web hosting plans available with them are the shared hosting plans. Down below is a detailed review of KnownHosting.  

A Deep Review About Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting available with KnownHosting is divided into three plans, which are Basic, Standard, and Professional. A brief discussion about each of these plans has been provided below. 

Basic Shared Hosting:

As you can quite easily understand from the name, this plan is the most basic plan available with KnownHost. The program will provide you with 1 Domain, 5GB Cloud storage, five email accounts, 2 MySQL databases, unlimited premium bandwidth, LiteSpeed is also included in that, and free SSL certificates are also available. Patchman is an optional feature, and you can just avail of this plan at only $3.47/month.  

Standard Shared Hosting:

This is the second-best plan that is available with KnownHost and this has the same benefits as that f the basic shared hosting plan. But here those features are slightly upgraded, this plan comes with five domains instead of 1, and this also has 20GB of storage instead of 5. The number of email accounts moves up to 25 and the MySQL databases available with this hosting plan is 5. Now, all the other options such as LiteSpeed, Free SSL, unlimited premium and width and Patchman are is also available with this plan and you can just avail it at $6.47/month.

Professional Shared Hosting Plan

This is the best plan that is available with KnownHost and it has all the best features. The plan comes with unlimited domains, unlimited cloud storage and unlimited email accounts. Besides that it also has unlimited MySQL database and unlimited premium bandwidth and LiteSpeed and Free SSL certificates and Patchman are also included in this plan. This plan is available at just $9.97/month. 

Features of Known Hosting 

Uptime Time

KnownHost promises to provide its users with 99.99% uptime and guaranteed. Well, almost all web hosting provider promises that does that mean everyone can offer the same? No! But they also provide a clause that states that every 0.1% fraction below the guaranteed percentage will get you 10% credits in your monthly billing. 

Customer Support

They provide their users with a vast knowledge base and a library of user manuals and software, that can be quite easily downloaded. These guides are very neatly organized wiki guides, and there is also another resource called the KnowHost blog. 

They also have a Live Chat option, but that is only used for pre-sales. Now their support staff can be contacted at any moment of the day, but the only issue is that you can reach them via email or by the ticket system. 


The Control Panel available with KnownHost is the cPanel. As you might be quite aware of the fact the cPanel control panel is the best. The reason behind that is the fact that this cPanel is quite easy to use and can be browsed through by anyone with ease. 

Automated Backups:

When it comes to automated backups, most web host provide it but at a specific cost. This becomes a massive issue for the user as they have to spend quite an amount for that. But KnowHost provides its users with free automated backups whenever they need it to restore their sites.  

Money-Back Guarantee

Nowadays, there isn’t a single web hosting provider out there who doesn’t provide money-back guarantee. The reason behind this is that they get to attract customers with ease. Just like them, KnownHost also provides its users with money-back guarantee, and that is available for 30 days. This can be availed by users who had used their services for 30 days or less than that. This guarantee is available on all plans except for dedicated hosting. 


KnownHost provides web hosting plans at very affordable prices. The price is quite low in comparison with most web hosting providers. And along with that they also have a few discount offers on a few of their plans as well. They also have monthly plans along with yearly plans which most web hosting providers don’t have.  


KnownHost is a great option for those who are just starting. They have great web hosting plans and almost all their ideas come with great features. Customer support could be a bit of an issue as they have a limited option of contacting them and get fast solutions. 

So, if you can compromise that, then KnownHost could be an excellent web hosting option for you. But you can always try them out as they have a tremendous money-back opportunity and if you don’t like them, then you can still get your money back.