September 24, 2021

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ResellerClub Hosting Review: Hosting Plans, Pros and Cons

Reseller hosting is a unique kind of web hosting wherein the account holder can use his or her allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites on the behalf of the third parties.

This works as reseller purchases the particular host’s services in a wholesale pattern. Later it is sold to the customers. Reseller hosting provides its customers with email hosting, web hosting, and various other security products by partnering up with a variety of brands. They also provide their users with a good amount of new features at minimum prices. Reseller Hosting can be considered as a link between a retailer and a wholesaler. The wholesaler or web hosting company simply leases space on their multiple servers to the retailers or resellers.


Availability of various kinds of hosting/Offerings

  • Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular options for any of the latest business or personal websites that are just taking their first step online. The best part is that they have three different plans: Personal, Business and Pro with free SSL certificate, free domain, unmetered data transfer, and unlimited disk space It is also known as virtual hosting or as the shared services as more than one website can share the same server. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is that it is cost-effective and convenient to use. Additionally, it reduces the cost for all the users under the same hosting.

  • Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting gives the user authority to host more than one client and allows them to manage their individual orders independently. They provide four kinds of plans: R1, R2, R3, and R4, where the similarity lies in unlimited websites, free SSL certificates, and the difference, lies in the amount of disk space and data transfer. With this kind of hosting you can easily become a web hosting provider, that too without having to manage your very own datacenter or web server. As a bonus, you can create your own customized web hosting plans on the hosting infrastructure on their website. You can also use your company’s brand name and sell it to your visiting customers!

  • Simplified Cloud Hosting Services

The totally free cPanel makes user’s management super easy. Now you can manage all your orders, email accounts, and domains with zero errors and complications. Moreover, you can set up your Cloud Hosting package within minutes and get your website on the cloud in no time. The various plans they offer include Personal SSD, Business SSD, and Pro SSD.

  • G Suite with 30GB storage

Powered by the well-known Google Cloud platform, there is abundant storage across all Google Apps for all the Businesses. Now it has become an integral part of how Google enables its collaboration with other applications. Users can now be assured as they do not have to be worried about running out of space. This package allows customers to enjoy unfettered access to their work from the Cloud directly.

  • Website builders

This amazing feature comes in four different packages: Band1, Band2, Band3, and Band4 where there are ten free email accounts available with Disk Space of 1GB, 2GB, 2GB, and 5GB available for each respectively. The best part is there are 180+ themes for your website and you can build with the latest tools and put your business online instantly.

Attractive Pricing

With hosting offers below 1$ and various different schemes users can start their own web hosting business without making it an expensive affair. The reseller hosting plans so vell curated that they are ideally suitable for anyone who wants to start their own business;  be it an entrepreneur or web developer or even a freelancer.

Global Data Centers

The reseller currently holds the maximum benefit for its users as it has efficient data centers all over the world. Customers can comfortably choose between various data centers such as Pulsant – in the UK, Steadfast – in the USA; Ficolo – in Finland; Amaze – in Australia, and Telepoint – in Bulgaria. While the US data center is an excellent choice for customers from the USA and Latin America, the other European data centers are a perfect choice for customers from Europe, Africa, or Russia. On the othe hand, the customers from Australia and Asia can choose the Australian data center for ideal usage.

Create your own Reseller Store (100-150 W)

 Users can set up their fully-brandable storefront, select the various products, their pricing, and much more on the SuperSite and create their website in under minutes.  The uncountable themes, pre-created templates, and advanced customer control panel makes organizing the website a cakewalk. Also, the fully functional and automatic shopping cart comes packaged with the SuperSite which includes the latest and pre-integrated Payment Gateways.


Customer Care

It could be tiring and distracting where you will have to take care of your own customers at times. You will have to deal with your customers and their requirements on a regular basis. But on the brighter side, that’s part and parcel of any business. Moreover, the customer support provided by the company is not multilingual at all times.


Reseller Club Hosting is a revolution. It is an active method for individuals to start making profits online of their very own with web hosting. Additionally, reseller hosting requires less knowledge on how to get started. Moreover, those who are comfortable with the internet can commence their own reseller hosting business in the comfort of their homes.