February 27, 2021

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How to Block sites in Chrome?

First of all, it’s just an effortless task to block sites in chrome. As a Chrome administrator, you can block certain URLs and sites so that users can only visit certain websites. Here are the few steps that you can know how to block sites in chrome.

Step 1: Search for the “Block Site” Chrome Extension and add it to your browser.

The Simplest way to block sites users can visit to Google chrome to download a browser extension. As we highly recommend Block Site is available on the Chrome web store.

In the top-right hand corner of your screen search for the Block site extension, or a similar tool you trust, and add select to chrome.

Block Site

Step 2: Click “Add extension” in the pop up box.

If you’re not satisfied with your choice, click “Add extension “you can view on the window to officially install the extension on your browser. Once you click “Add to Chrome”, you’ll see a window appear that summarizes the extension’s main features.

Step 3: After the Add extension check for the extension’s icon on the top-right hand corner of your Chrome screen.

After your extension downloaded, you can see a new icon appear across the top of your chrome browser- an orange shield with a circle through the middle. You can make sure that this icon appears to confirm your extension has been installed.

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Step 4: Visit a website that you want to block from them on.

Let say that you’re feeling a little bitter from a recent Badminton cup loss, and want to block sports sites for a month. Simply go to a website, tap on orange shield icon in the top right, and click “block the site.” You can choose any other website that you want to block. After the block site you won’t be able to reach sports.com. Now you’ve successfully blocked it. If you want to unblock the site, click “Edit your list” in the top right or you can click the icon, and then click “Edit block sites list”.

Hope the above steps has provided valuable information on how to block sites in chrome.

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