September 23, 2021

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Wix Website Builder Review

Wix has been around for quite some time, and 2018 as the time when the rapidly steadily began to expand and become a giant company. Yet quite a few people really don’t know what Wix is all about. Wix is a website builder, so this means that you can build your website on their software, and you need to go through the Wix admin panel to access your account. In short, the website exists on its servers and you need to do everything you do through one of their interfaces.

Wix Website Builder Review:


Wix has great uptime and to be honest, it provides way better uptime then most leading hosting provider. We conducted a test over a period of two weeks and the test revealed that during the testing period, Wix was very stable and also that there was not a single downtime.


When we first tried to contact them for help, a chatbot asked for all the details about our site and then took us through some steps to solve our problem. We were taken to contact us area with two choices when the text robot could no longer help us.

The area had two options send a ticket and speak to a Support Agent. We decided to talk to the agent and then we Input our phone number after that, explained the issue we are facing. The initial request was made on a Wednesday morning, and we were contacted a few minutes later by a customer representative.

Speed and Security:

All of Wix’s web pages are hosted on Wix servers. That means the servers are configured for Wix’s websites. Wix professionals are responsible for keeping your site fast and safe. It also means experts are monitoring the website. JavaScript also appears on Wix’s websites. Their sites respond very quickly but it takes a while to properly load them. The sites are good for newbies as they need that much of knowledge.

Customer Support:

Wix websites have the benefits of an all-in-one solution, including speed & security. It is on Wix to repair it, if there is a problem. The root problem is not monitored, or who or what is in default is established. You can contact customer service if something is wrong or you want to delete it. Wix supports via knowledge base, telephone, and e-mail tickets. They can potentially solve any problem since they run a private platform.

Well, these are some of the features of Wix Website Builder. Hopefully, the provided information has been of help to you.