September 24, 2021

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How to Cast netflix from phone to TV?

Many of us could have found casting tools but we do not know about them. It is a simple system in which it connects via the HDMI cable to the Screen. It produces a wifi-hub, and from your phone or tab you can connect the specific wifi and then continue to mirror whatever you want to see. Yet you may be observing some of the pitfalls when it comes to resolving and clarification. The disruption can sometimes be due to the poor signal. Resolution and video quality depends entirely on the Wi-Fi power stabilization. Stay linked to our blog as it works to address questions of How to Cast netflix from phone to TV:

  • Android Box:

Android box functions like any other casting tool but one of the key benefits of the Android box is that it has an Android app built into it. The box acts as the receiver and is connected to the television. The connection is very easy because through the HDMI cable you need to connect the android box to the screen. Since it has android software, the apps can be downloaded easily. Download Netflix by providing the login credentials needed.

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  • Ezcast Pro:

Ezcast Pro is a casting tool that would tend to be very secure and seamless. You only need to purchase the dongle and plug it into the HDMI socket. If you have an iphone, then it will make your work easier. Switch on and cast the airplay without installing any of the third party software. Downloading the app is extremely important if you have an Android phone at all. It will cost you about INR 12,999+tax and it’s totally worth it. Now that the planet is gone digital, you just need to update.

EZCAST PD01: HDMI - MHL Receiver Dongle at reichelt elektronik

If it’s smart tv, you don’t have to download something, nor have you to purchase an external gadget. The possible ways are mentioned above and the procedures are user-friendly too.

We hope that will satisfy most of your questions on How to Cast netflix from phone to TV. You can also ask us in the comments section, just in case you have any more questions. Stay linked with us for more such parts as we’ll be talking a lot about new devices and technology. Thanks for reading this post!